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and my personal favorites

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Happy 4/13 everyone!! :D

Have some previously unposted pictures of my GT Rose… I kinda miss cosplaying this fabulous lady ;)

Hope you all have fabulous days! <3 I doubt n update is coming, but Hussie said on twitter something might be coming so lets keep our fingers crossed!!

Photographer | Cosplayer

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No, really, you don’t understand how happy I was with the outcome of the Shutocon Pacific Rim shoot. These are only a selection of my favourites; tumblr wouldn’t let me fit more!

Toast, literally all your comments on those pics are perfect

10/10 would go beat up kaiju with you

Perfect comments are perfect~

Oh gosh this shoot was just so much fun and all these people are awesome!

bahahahaha ‘Proud Parents of a freakish clone of a city-destroying monster’

damn right :)

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Dreaming of You

Jayuna as Sakura from Tsubasa
Shutocon 2014

Full gallery here

Lookit how beautiful Jackie is!  I’m so glad I got to finally shoot this costume finally~

Jackie was super gorgeous as Sakura :D

asdfghjklkjhgfd guys <3

Oh gosh these photos are so beautiful and I have no words and oh gosh finally photos of this costume and gosh I need to finish her staff

but oh wow seriously!! Thank you so much <33

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Pacific Rim: Now with 100% less Becket

Mako is Dytabytes!
Hermann is kaijumittons
Newt is kaijuscientists! 
63!Newt is Jayuna!
Hannibal is Monsterisland22!

Lookit my awesome friends!

I was a kaiju groupie for Saturday of Shutocon! So much fun. 


#kaiju groupie time! #I LOVE THAT FIRST PHOTO SO MUCH #KAIIIIIIJUUUUUUUUU #running around as Newt on Saturday was too much fun #love him so #glad I got to put my own spin on him as a female I guess~ #love how my hair kinda ended up looking #sufficiently mad science-y I think #pacific rim
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A big thank you to the amazing Celty and Simon for sticking around for some group shots with our DRRR!! panel group. You two were awesome.

I found some really neat cosplays floating around Shuto Con. Unfortunately my camera died the last day so I didn’t get too many, but here are a few!

Unfortunately I don’t know everyone’s tumblr, so if you see someone you know, please let me know their tumblr or some form of credit I can put down!

Walker- olcmactire
Kida- kaydede
Mairu- karrissarella
Izaya- teamheichou
Shizuo- laughingturtles
Kururi- timey-wimey-lady

 Mako is Dytabytes!

Hermann is kaijumittons 

Newt is kaijuscientists 

You can see me as the fem!Newt in the two pacific rim pics above! :D That was a super fun costume to wear around~

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#shutocon day 1 nearing completion! Been a fantastic day and can’t wait till tomorrow!

Had a fantastic day today!!! Can&#8217;t wait until tomorrow when I&#8217;ll be a kaiju groupie!! ;)


#shutocon day 1 nearing completion! Been a fantastic day and can’t wait till tomorrow!

Had a fantastic day today!!! Can’t wait until tomorrow when I’ll be a kaiju groupie!! ;)

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In Lansing safe and sound! :) Looks like I’ll be wearing Sakura ultimately tomorrow, and probably Newt on Saturday~ so that way I can use the crinolines I need to XD

Excited for this con to start tomorrow!

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Almost to Windsor on my way to Shutocon! :D excited for what should be fun con weekend :) I’ll be wearing Princess Sakura Saturday I think and Newt from Pacific Rim with a friends Mako on Friday I think~ also brought Kirigiri and Clara so we’ll see~

Not sure if anyone following me is going, but if you are, please come say hi if you want! :D

Hope you all have fantastic weekends!

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Kaiju groupie sleeve 1 complete!! :D

Kaiju groupie sleeve 1 complete!! :D