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Oh hey look apparently there were more fancytier Rose photos I had that I forgot to post~ :) so here goes, why not!

Photos by Jack Liu at Youmacon 2012~

Rose | Kanaya | Designs by Synnesai

Costume has also since been updated! :) You can find pictures of that here

Thanks for looking <3

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Looks like I win! ;)

Junko | Kirigiri | Asahina | Togami | Celestia | Fukawa | Mukuro |

Photo by Elemental Photography <3

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If anyone was wondering why no progress pics of any kind have really shown up in the past few months, this would be why :)

I was given the amazing opportunity to design an 8 piece fashion collection for the Vogue Charity Fashion Show at Queen’s University this year! The show had an overall theme of 1920s/1930s Art Deco, and specifically I was given the subsection of ‘The American Dream’ to take my inspiration from. This was my interpretation, a sort of elevated workwear sort of collection to reflect off of the ‘if you work hard you could be successful’ idea of the American Dream from the time~ I tried XD I really wanted to play with the triangles and geometric shapes you would usually see from the art deco period which was both very challenging to accomplish because triangles never want to be inset together ever and fun to do! I feel almost pretentious saying, so I’m sorry, but I also wanted to play with the sort of light and dark sides to the idea of the American Dream, and to reflect that I wanted to play with dark and light versions of the same colour: ie navy and royal blue paired together in the same outfit. And there’s lots of little details in the collection too that you can’t see here, such as the pinstripe I sewed into parts of the green suit, and the green triangular applique on the pencil skirt at the back.

Ultimately, I’m amazingly proud of what I managed to accomplish here :) Everything on my models, minus one guys white button down, was designed, drafted, and sewn by me over pretty much January-February-early March. Even each of my female models is wearing a piece of jewelry, mostly necklaces but some earrings as well, that I made for them~

Though I don’t think I’d do the show again, it was a really really great and fun experience which I’m glad to have partaken in! :D It was a fun foray into fashion-type sewing rather than costuming~

But now I couldn’t be happier to start sewing for myself again.

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Gumi photos part 3! | Part 1 (with me in my tap shoes on a floor piano! It was awesome~) | Part 2 |

Photos by Elemental at KW Tricon 2014

Camellia vr. Gumi cosplay made by me~

You can now also find me on facebook! it’s super exciting and you should go check it out :)

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Gumi photos part 2 :D

Still so so so happy I was able to get photos of Gumi in my tap shoes~ Was a cosplay dream come true!

Camellia vr. Gumi (Vocaloid) costume made by me; Photos by Elemental Photography at KW-Tricon 2014

You can find more photos at any of the below links (including those of me on a floor piano! :D):

Costume Details (dA) | Fb Fanpage | cosplay tumblr

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When you dance to your own rhythm, life taps its toes to your beat (~Terri Guillemets)

It’s been a cosplay dream for me, as a tap dancer, to make a costume to go with, and get photos of me in, my (well worn but) much loved tap shoes~ Amanda of Elemental Photography told me how there was a floor piano at Tri-con, and I got straight to work! I’ve loved the design for Camellia vr. Gumi for a long time, and I knew it would work perfectly… and ultimately I’m absolutely in love with these photos!! Plus, more to come… :)

More info on the costume and my cosplay:

dA | fb fanpage

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SUITSTUCK (Favorites!)
Okay, enough teasing, here’s the full Flickr set!
(Both mine and Elemental’s)

This was INSANELY fun to do both as a photog and one of the cosplayers. Thanks again to Amanda for letting me tag-team on this project, and to my fellow Suitstuckers for being swag as hell!

Spades Slick

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sing for me
Vocaloid at Tricon by Jayuna

eeeeee oh gosh I just love this photo~
I&#8217;m so so so glad we go to shoot on the floor piano, at least for a bit! :D


sing for me

Vocaloid at Tricon by Jayuna

eeeeee oh gosh I just love this photo~

I’m so so so glad we go to shoot on the floor piano, at least for a bit! :D

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Gettin’ a little choked up, hmmmmmmmm???????? >;;;;)

Vriska | Terezi | Photographer |

Suitstuck Youmacon 2012

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elfgrove replied to your post: welp now I kinda want to cosplay as Sh…

OH MY GOODNESS. I did not think I’d see any Log Horizon cosplay this year.

log horizon is just so great and amazing and I just kind of really really want to cosplay from the series in some capacity XD I really don’t know why more people aren’t watching this series!

I’m mostly leaning towards Shiroe because I find him ridiculously awesome, and smart characters who are also strategists hit me right in ‘the favourite character’ button… but depending on how much I like what seems to be Princess Lenessia’s combat outfit that may get done instead~