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Tada! Finally remembered to post up my line-up for Otakuthon this weekend! Super excited for fun con weekend in Montreal~

Still totally unsure of what to bring for Sunday though :S What do you all think? :)

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Can’t seem to get a good photo here, but finished my wings for my Hinata cosplay for Otakuthon next weekend~~

Can’t seem to get a good photo here, but finished my wings for my Hinata cosplay for Otakuthon next weekend~~

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Throwback thursday to a year ago when my friend Megpie said we should do genderbends of Mario and Luigi for Dragon*Con and  lo and behold! We didn’t manage any pictures of them from D*con, but fast forward to KW Tricon in January and we got to run around in a children’s museum and got photos with the amazing Elemental <3 Both shorts were made by me!

And much fun was had :)

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It’s Throwback Thursday!

One of my favourite all time costumes is my mucha-inspired ‘Goddess’ Hikaru from Magic Knights Rayearth! Love this series to death!

These costumes were a collaborative effort between myself, Gillykins (Umi) and ChibiLenne (Fuu) for Anime North in 2010

Photos by Elemental

One day I will fix up the damage done by closet and wear this out again because Hikaru and MKR needs all the love~

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It’s throwback thursday!

For my first comic book costume back in 2009 I decided to work with the most obnoxious yellow shiny fabric I could find  and be in crazy bright colours and cosplay Jubilee from the X-Men for FanExpo! Entered the masquerade that year with a bunch of friends as various 90s X-Men and we won Best Comic~

Gosh I still love this costume so much!

Photographer | Cosplay fb

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Crappy selfie game but I couldn’t resist once I got and opened my Haikyuu!! uniform in the mail today~

Kinda up in the air right now whether it will be a fem!Hinata or a crossplay yet though likely going towards the latter as there are black wings to wear with the uniform in the works! I’m so excited!!

But anyway haha I threw on this orange wig for the fun of it and took silly pictures :)

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I underwent quite the amazing and successful fabric shopping trip yesterday it was great~ I think I’m pretty set until the end of the year if not past that haha

These are mostly for fanexpo and Otakuthon both at the end of August!
For sures for FanEx include fem! Captain america in the stealth shield uniform he has for the beginning of the movie along with a fem! Winter Soldier I’m making for one of my best friends to go along with me! My fabric for this includes a crazy stiff cotton for the majority, this awesome textured silver vinyl for the detailing and a twill for the navy under layer. For Bucky we mostly grabbed pleather and leather~ also I have Fina from Skies of Arcadia with a group that I am so stoked for oh gosh. one of my first video games on the dreamcast such a good game

Cynthia from Fire Emblem Awakening is a hope for Otakuthon :) along with a punk! Bubbles in a PPG group~~ Haikyuu!! will also be Otakuthon but those uniforms were bought because making a legit sports uniform like that is probably more trouble than just buying it haha

Other than that, Zelda I’m working on slowly but surely because hello dream costume I’m going to try my hardest to make you look awesome so it’s likely that won’t be debuting until sometime next year with a friend as Malon

Anyyyyway, this is everything you guys should hopefully look forward to from me! We shall see what the next two months will bring, wish me luck! :)

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Sailor Moon: Olivia’s Atelier and Cosplay

Sailor Mars: Honeysaliva

Sailor Jupiter: GillyKins

Sailor Venus: Jayuna

Sailor Mercury: Gina G. and Red Ribbon Cosplay

All costumes (except Mercury) were made by Olivia’s Atelier and CosplayPhoto By: Mike Kowalek- Eleventh Photograph

Happy Birthday Usagi and it’s Moonie Monday!! Gosh after the opening and transformation sequence leaked today I’m even more excited for the premiere of Crystal on Saturday!!!!

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Soo heyyyyy if anyone’s interested in joining up, fem! Haikyuu group for Otakuthon?? I figure these uniforms will be pretty easy to modify and I can post how to do it when I figure it out later~

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Sakura/Syaoran photos part 2: The ‘hey lets be giant dorks during this shoot and be silly because we can” edition!! \o/

Sakura (fb/tumblr) | Syaoran | Photographer | more photos~

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