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Crappy selfie game but I couldn’t resist once I got and opened my Haikyuu!! uniform in the mail today~

Kinda up in the air right now whether it will be a fem!Hinata or a crossplay yet though likely going towards the latter as there are black wings to wear with the uniform in the works! I’m so excited!!

But anyway haha I threw on this orange wig for the fun of it and took silly pictures :)

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I underwent quite the amazing and successful fabric shopping trip yesterday it was great~ I think I’m pretty set until the end of the year if not past that haha

These are mostly for fanexpo and Otakuthon both at the end of August!
For sures for FanEx include fem! Captain america in the stealth shield uniform he has for the beginning of the movie along with a fem! Winter Soldier I’m making for one of my best friends to go along with me! My fabric for this includes a crazy stiff cotton for the majority, this awesome textured silver vinyl for the detailing and a twill for the navy under layer. For Bucky we mostly grabbed pleather and leather~ also I have Fina from Skies of Arcadia with a group that I am so stoked for oh gosh. one of my first video games on the dreamcast such a good game

Cynthia from Fire Emblem Awakening is a hope for Otakuthon :) along with a punk! Bubbles in a PPG group~~ Haikyuu!! will also be Otakuthon but those uniforms were bought because making a legit sports uniform like that is probably more trouble than just buying it haha

Other than that, Zelda I’m working on slowly but surely because hello dream costume I’m going to try my hardest to make you look awesome so it’s likely that won’t be debuting until sometime next year with a friend as Malon

Anyyyyway, this is everything you guys should hopefully look forward to from me! We shall see what the next two months will bring, wish me luck! :)

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Sailor Moon: Olivia’s Atelier and Cosplay

Sailor Mars: Honeysaliva

Sailor Jupiter: GillyKins

Sailor Venus: Jayuna

Sailor Mercury: Gina G. and Red Ribbon Cosplay

All costumes (except Mercury) were made by Olivia’s Atelier and CosplayPhoto By: Mike Kowalek- Eleventh Photograph

Happy Birthday Usagi and it’s Moonie Monday!! Gosh after the opening and transformation sequence leaked today I’m even more excited for the premiere of Crystal on Saturday!!!!

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Soo heyyyyy if anyone’s interested in joining up, fem! Haikyuu group for Otakuthon?? I figure these uniforms will be pretty easy to modify and I can post how to do it when I figure it out later~

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Sakura/Syaoran photos part 2: The ‘hey lets be giant dorks during this shoot and be silly because we can” edition!! \o/

Sakura (fb/tumblr) | Syaoran | Photographer | more photos~

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Never going to stop cosplaying Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth, she’s my fave <3

Initially made this costume (her outfit from when she’s kidnapped to Autozam in the second season of the anime) a year ago to compete in AN’s skit contest with ElementalSight as my Zazu, and finally got to wear it out again for some pictures with EleventhPhotograph at AN this year~ And I’m super happy with the outcomes!

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elfgrove replied to your post: I want so badly to cosplay a fem! Hina…

DO IT! That’d be adorable!

:D :D

Do you think? I wasn’t sure if it’d be totally off kilter or anything but I have a short haired orange wig already I think would be kinda perfect and I’d probably buy a uniform to allow it to actually look like a sports uniform and tailor it from there….

But gosh it’d be such a fun little costume and Haikyuu!! is so great that I just kinda wanna … cosplay from it haha~ show my love somehow cuz I can’t do much else for fandom -.-


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I want so badly to cosplay a fem! Hinata Shouyou from Haikyuu!! because he’s awesome and I feel that you can tailor the uniform to be fitted for women pretty easy and I know that I can’t pull off guys all that well but would that be weird? Like Ideally I’d try to conscript someone to be my fem! Kageyama or something but no one else I know watches/read Haikyuu! but I’m just full of volleyball feels and ugh #firstworldcosplayproblems 

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Saw this new blog started and thought it was such a great idea that I wanted to contribute something to it as well :)

Picture on the left is my first ever sewing project back when I started in summer 2008, my Namine dress from Kingdom Hearts :) Basic white dress made from a basic pattern, I cut up the lace trim to use for the bottom and that was falling apart and you don’t even want to see how wonky these seams are + how badly I put in the zipper! Not too mention it had horrible fit, I had still no real clue on makeup and had bad posing… Though at the time I couldn’t be more proud. I had made that dress from length of fabric, and my parents didn’t believe I could do it and I showed them I could, and that meant the world. I was hooked!

Fast forward to this April! I debuted by newest costume, ‘Prince’ Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura for Costume Con. Drafted all my patterns, made a hat from scratch, learnt new gathering and seaming techniques; plus resin casting and rhinestone embellishment! You never stop learning in cosplay :) And I’m super proud too of my work on this one.

I’m certainly pleased and proud of how far I’ve come since I’ve began~ And you should all be too, whether you’re starting out like I was in the left or you have a few years under your belt :) Never stop improving and enjoying and having fun with this, and you will get better in time <3 Never doubt~!

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So because we’re amazing, my friend Olivia and I dressed as casual versions of Usagi and Minako from Sailor Moon (though mine was just an orange sundress I owned and Olivia is fantastic and made that great casual vr.) to run around the arcade in at Colossal Con last weekend~  Super fun times were had!

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