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Sakura/Syaoran photos part 2: The ‘hey lets be giant dorks during this shoot and be silly because we can” edition!! \o/

Sakura (fb/tumblr) | Syaoran | Photographer | more photos~

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Never going to stop cosplaying Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth, she’s my fave <3

Initially made this costume (her outfit from when she’s kidnapped to Autozam in the second season of the anime) a year ago to compete in AN’s skit contest with ElementalSight as my Zazu, and finally got to wear it out again for some pictures with EleventhPhotograph at AN this year~ And I’m super happy with the outcomes!

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elfgrove replied to your post: I want so badly to cosplay a fem! Hina…

DO IT! That’d be adorable!

:D :D

Do you think? I wasn’t sure if it’d be totally off kilter or anything but I have a short haired orange wig already I think would be kinda perfect and I’d probably buy a uniform to allow it to actually look like a sports uniform and tailor it from there….

But gosh it’d be such a fun little costume and Haikyuu!! is so great that I just kinda wanna … cosplay from it haha~ show my love somehow cuz I can’t do much else for fandom -.-


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I want so badly to cosplay a fem! Hinata Shouyou from Haikyuu!! because he’s awesome and I feel that you can tailor the uniform to be fitted for women pretty easy and I know that I can’t pull off guys all that well but would that be weird? Like Ideally I’d try to conscript someone to be my fem! Kageyama or something but no one else I know watches/read Haikyuu! but I’m just full of volleyball feels and ugh #firstworldcosplayproblems 

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Saw this new blog started and thought it was such a great idea that I wanted to contribute something to it as well :)

Picture on the left is my first ever sewing project back when I started in summer 2008, my Namine dress from Kingdom Hearts :) Basic white dress made from a basic pattern, I cut up the lace trim to use for the bottom and that was falling apart and you don’t even want to see how wonky these seams are + how badly I put in the zipper! Not too mention it had horrible fit, I had still no real clue on makeup and had bad posing… Though at the time I couldn’t be more proud. I had made that dress from length of fabric, and my parents didn’t believe I could do it and I showed them I could, and that meant the world. I was hooked!

Fast forward to this April! I debuted by newest costume, ‘Prince’ Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura for Costume Con. Drafted all my patterns, made a hat from scratch, learnt new gathering and seaming techniques; plus resin casting and rhinestone embellishment! You never stop learning in cosplay :) And I’m super proud too of my work on this one.

I’m certainly pleased and proud of how far I’ve come since I’ve began~ And you should all be too, whether you’re starting out like I was in the left or you have a few years under your belt :) Never stop improving and enjoying and having fun with this, and you will get better in time <3 Never doubt~!

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So because we’re amazing, my friend Olivia and I dressed as casual versions of Usagi and Minako from Sailor Moon (though mine was just an orange sundress I owned and Olivia is fantastic and made that great casual vr.) to run around the arcade in at Colossal Con last weekend~  Super fun times were had!

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Doing final packing and adding things in as they go~

Things that are coming!

WTNV scientist (friday night), BMO dress, Merida inspired swim (Disney), Minako inspired swim (Sailor Moon), & Kuriyama Mirai (Beyond the Boundary) and other various geeky clothes (though I’m regretting my lack of kigu right now ;-;)

Should be fun! I’m excited :D

If you’re going, I hope you have a really fun con, and if not, a great weekend nonetheless <3

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so yea, ColossalCon is a thing this weekend :)

I’ll be heading down early on Friday morning from T.O. since I have to attend equity training on Thursday, and driving down with Elementalsight and staying in a villa with a bunch of awesome Canadians <3

…not a clue what I’m bringing yet though, but for sure a Nightvale Scientist for the Friday night, and potentially hopefully Kuriyama Mirai in her summer uniform for the Saturday? If anything there will be swimsuits~ Though damn I wish bad I had a red ponytail wig to make/wear Anna’s swimsuit from FE:A but ah well~ for next year perhaps!

BUT ANYWAY…. I shall see people there? :)

reblaggin’ from the personal account~ No idea what’s going to happen at con BUT YAY VACATION CON nonetheless~ :D

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Got my photos from my shoot with Amaleigh Photography back today!
So here’s some Krista for you :) Love this shot in particular~~

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…I have zero clue for what to bring for Colossal this weekend o.o

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