February 04, 2013 @ 15:46      

So here’s a handy dandy little post for organizational purposes~ 

So here you’ll be able to take a look at my cosplay through the different tags! :) This will hopefully make everything easier to browse and I’ll update this periodically (note lots of unliked stuff… linking to dA for now and then will change if post stuff here)

Main categories:

Homestuck | Anime | Other | Disney | Doctor WhoProgress | Text Post

Specific Costumes (newest to oldest)

Homestuck: Street-tier RoseSynnesai Rose | Terezi | Suitstuck Terezi | Gt Rose 'Jane' Egbert

Anime: Hinata Shouyou (Haikyuu!!)Krista Lenz (SnK)'Prince' Sakura (CCS)Camellia vr. GumiPrincess Sakura (giant white dress)Kirigiri Kyouko | Sailor VenusHikaru Shidou | Cardcaptor Sakura | Oz Vessalius | Princess Sakura (sundress) | human Diana | Takagi Akito | Chrome Dokuro | Hachi (nana) | C.C.

Other: Rule 63 Newt GeizlerSailor Iron ManColonial Jack FrostDelight & Delirium | Jubilee | Rita Mordio

Disney: Belle 

Doctor Who: Clara (Rings of Akhaten) | Clara (Cold War) | fem!Eleven | River Song

Current In-Progress Work (likely to change on moments notice):

Princess Zelda (OoT) | Fina (Skies of Arcadia)| Fem!Steve & Bucky (Winter Soldier insp.) | Older Toph (Armour) | Fancy Dreamer Jade | Wasp | Merida | X-Men Evolution Kitty Pryde | Fem! Enjolras | Coronation Anna

Upcoming Conventions:

Katsucon 2015