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The winter spirit surveys his domain…

I was playing around in photoshop with some Jack photos I never uploaded, and I kinda like how they look so I’m uploading them~ :) 

Costume: Colonial Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians

Other Jack photos: [x]

Photos taken by my roomie, behind my apartment looking out onto Lake Ontario last March during a snow storm~

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So….Jackie and I may or may not have crashed the Disney shoot on Saturday. I can safely say that Dreamworks totally kicked Disney’s ass in our little showdown. We literally hijacked this photoshoot. I’m not even sorry.

I didn’t take these photos, but I’m a little shit and felt like posting these anyway.

Jack Frost - Jayuna

Hiccup - Me

Can I please just say that I love us and I love that this is a thing we did :D

Definitely one of my highlights of AN~

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Part 2 of the photos taken by Convoke Photography at Con-G 2013 of my colonial Jack Frost

More photos still to come of my crazy snowstorm shoot XD

Part 1 is here~

I do wish my wig would stop looking so blondish though and more the bright silver it is D:

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what better way to spend a mini snowstorm than get some photos of my Jack Frost? :D

Photos taken by my awesome roommate <3 More soon to come, just taking a break from the editing ~

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Part 1 of the photos I grabbed at this year’s Con-G of my colonial Jack Frost~

Credit to Convoke Photography

Everything made by me~ I’m actually really proud of how this came out. I’ll probably do a tutorial on how I painted the cloak and possibly my staff later!

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Working on my colonial Jack Frost cosplay!! Just finishing cutting the cloak out and I&#8217;m really happy with how it looks so far~

Working on my colonial Jack Frost cosplay!! Just finishing cutting the cloak out and I’m really happy with how it looks so far~

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