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Sakura/Syaoran photos part 2: The ‘hey lets be giant dorks during this shoot and be silly because we can” edition!! \o/

Sakura (fb/tumblr) | Syaoran | Photographer | more photos~

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Never going to stop cosplaying Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth, she’s my fave <3

Initially made this costume (her outfit from when she’s kidnapped to Autozam in the second season of the anime) a year ago to compete in AN’s skit contest with ElementalSight as my Zazu, and finally got to wear it out again for some pictures with EleventhPhotograph at AN this year~ And I’m super happy with the outcomes!

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Got my photos from my shoot with Amaleigh Photography back today!
So here’s some Krista for you :) Love this shot in particular~~

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Gosh I’m so happy with how these turned out we’re precious oh gosh

Krista | Ymir | Photographer

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It’s Throwback Thursday!!

Pandora Hearts continues to be one of my favourite manga series, and though I had initially planned this as a duo with a friend’s Alice, I still ended up finishing my Oz Vessalius costume for the Toronto Cosplay Picnic a few years back (2012… I think?) to get the chance to dress up as one of my favourite characters from the series~ though I regret having to throw out my green contacts right before this ;-;

Photo by the ever amazing Elemental Photography! <3

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More Sakura and Syaoran photos because reasons and they make me happy so there :) Solo Sakura shots to be posted… eventually~

Also you should take a look at the captions~ :D

Can’t wait to wear this out again at AN! 

Sakura | Syaoran | Photographer | more photos~

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First set previews are out for the shoot I did with Amaleigh Photography at Costume-Con 32~

Gosh I love these photos so much~ :D I’m still so pleased with how my Sakura costume came out, and can’t wait to bling it up a bit more before AN in a few weeks! Not too mention getting to cosplay with my Syaoran again was the best <3

Sakura | Syaoran

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Hello new followers! <3

Went to an amazing con this weekend, more of a conference really than anything I’ve been to before, and though I didn’t get as much time to be there as I wanted due to family commitments that came up on the sunday, I had an amazing time at Costume-Con 32!! 

I only had time to make one costume, and a good friend on mine from my undergrad (go check her out!!) decided on doing the hilarious Prince Sakura and Princess Syaoran costumes from Cardcaptor Sakura! But fancy them the heck up!! Hilarious and ridiculous and adorable times were had. And I’m actually super proud of this costume! Learned a lot of new things making it! Can’t wait for actual pictures to show up, but here is one awesome Sakura-Sakura picture with my amazing friend hatlesssheep (which is necessary when we’re both cosplaying as Sakura~) and some stage pictures of our skit in the masquerade! We had too much fun making fun of shakespeare~

Better photos soon to come, so look forward to it! <3

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It’s throwback Thursday! :D

One of my most favourite series ever is Katekyo Hitman Reborn, and it wasn’t long after I first caught up on the series 4 years ago that I commissioned Chrome/Mukuro’s trident for future Chrome costumes~

The photos were taken by Elemental Photography back at Library Con at a giant Toronto Library a few years ago~ Costume was based upon an colour image of Vongola ver. Italia from chapter 261!

Though it hasn’t been used in a few years, the trident still sits in a loving place in my room~ :)

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Looks like I win! ;)

Junko | Kirigiri | Asahina | Togami | Celestia | Fukawa | Mukuro |

Photo by Elemental Photography <3

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