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Sailor Moon: Olivia’s Atelier and Cosplay

Sailor Mars: Honeysaliva

Sailor Jupiter: GillyKins

Sailor Venus: Jayuna

Sailor Mercury: Gina G. and Red Ribbon Cosplay

All costumes (except Mercury) were made by Olivia’s Atelier and CosplayPhoto By: Mike Kowalek- Eleventh Photograph

Happy Birthday Usagi and it’s Moonie Monday!! Gosh after the opening and transformation sequence leaked today I’m even more excited for the premiere of Crystal on Saturday!!!!

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amazing shingeki cosplays at anime north 😃 💕
let me know if you’re in these photos I will credit you!

There’s our shingekos!

bl1ndg1rl, piratica, pass this on to the others! :O

second picture

Marco: Michael
Eren: aphseborga
Ymir: (Jackie does Lauren have a tumblr?)
Krista: sparkofspaceandtime
Erwin: hypotheticalyiff
Levi: bl1ndg1rl
Sasha: piratica

Ymir is toastheaven

This was such a fun group! :D

Though wow I was definitely not paying attention for this picture, the shot on the right features my Shingeki group on Sat morning of AN! :D

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No, really, you don’t understand how happy I was with the outcome of the Shutocon Pacific Rim shoot. These are only a selection of my favourites; tumblr wouldn’t let me fit more!

Toast, literally all your comments on those pics are perfect

10/10 would go beat up kaiju with you

Perfect comments are perfect~

Oh gosh this shoot was just so much fun and all these people are awesome!

bahahahaha ‘Proud Parents of a freakish clone of a city-destroying monster’

damn right :)

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I’m having too much fun with these pictures that Amanda took at Tri-con!

Both costumes made by the adorable @jayuna who is also my Mario

Luigi worn by moi, @megpiemoonie

Photos by the amazing @elementalsight

eeeeeee Meaghie these edits are so cool!! :D <3

#love these edits~ #my cosplay #mario #mario and luigi
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Tricon Teaser pics! Featuring Sweets-and-tea  and Ragz cosplay and Jayuna, and Shelle, plus Mackenzie, MaiSheri and KW Ironman.

I had a fantastic time at the con, and so much thanks go out to those who booked me!


Photo of my Gumi at the very top, and oh gosh <3 It was a dream shoot for me to shoot in my tap shoes, and I’m so happy that I was able to do that last weekend!!

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Super Mario Brothers

Megpiemoonie as Luigi

Jayuna as Mario

Shot at Tricon 2014

These are some of my favourite photos I took this weekend!

This was definitely one of my favourite photoshoots ever!! :D so so much fun~ Amanda is the bestest!!!

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What a year 2013 has been! :D

Though it was quite the busy year for me due to being bogged down with my Master’s, it looks like in the end I completed and wore out a fair amount! 

In order:

1. Colonial Jack Frost (made for Con-G, picture taken by my roomie one cold night post-work when it was snowing~) I got hit as well with the ROTG bug and making Jack’s colonial outfit was super fun~

2. My street-tier Rose designed by BlackoutBallad! Also made for Con-G, and was an awesome wandering outfit~ Photo by elemental~

3. Onto my colossal list of costumes that were worn and made for Anime North this year! First: Kyouko Kirigiri from Dangan Ronpa~ Also featuring Toastheaven as my Asahina <3

4. Amanda and I had planned for almost a year to enter in AN’s skit contest for about a year, and we worked hard together in choreography to enter learning as much swing as we could, and we won Best Characterization and Originality!!! :D Was definitely one of my highlights of the year <3 Costumes are Hikaru and Zazu from Magic Knights Rayearth~

5. One of my good friends Olivia invited me to be her Sailor Venus for a group at AN, and it was so much fun to cosplay from Sailor Moon again!! We had a full inner senshi group, and needless to say we were a ridiculous photo trap :P Costume was made by Olivia <3

6. My big AN costume!! Finally got to cosplay with some of my really good friends from Hamilton <3 We had a full group including Mokona, and I was our Princess Sakura~

7. Sailor Iron Man! My big D*Con costume~ My first time making armour too which was hugely daunting but I was overall pleased with the results~ Joined by my friend Olivia as Sailor Hawkeye and the awesom Elfgrove and Eldanildiel as Sailor Thor and Sailor Cap respectively~

8. I made/assembled two Clara Oswald outfits this year! The first was from the Series 8 episode ‘Cold War’ and was her party dress for D*Con, and the second from ‘Rings of Akhaten’ with the SA dress initially semi-completed for AN and worn completed for the 50th anniversary screening~

9. For the aquarium visit at D*Con, I put together Hong Kong battle Newt Geizsler from Pacific Rim~ I fell in love with that movie, and Newt especially, and it was so much fun running around as a Kaiju Groupie :) I even got Burn Gorman (Gottlieb) to sign my ID badge!!

10. Though I don’t really have any pictures of me in it, I made Makoto’s club ed outfit for Genre Con in October~ We had a full Free! group and went to the dance in them, and it was awesome!

In total with all of these, I also started a cosplay page on fbook~

And that was 2013 in a nutshell :) Here’s to what 2014 will bring! <3 I’m sure looking forward to it, and I’ve got some big plans~ So keep an eye out!!

Happy new year everyone <3

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Moon | Mercury | Mars | Jupiter | Venus | Photographer

I will probably post so many of these photos because I love my girls. <3

These photos are from Anime North! I have more pairs and singles, and also photos from Unplugged because let’s be real we Moon a lot. All costumes made by me except for Mercury (made by her). I do commissions!

This was one of the most fun photoshoots ever! :D So so glad I got to be a part of this as one of my favourite sailor senshi~ :)

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Sailor Avengers photos! Part 1 of 2.

Featuring myself as Sailor Hawkeye
Jayuna as Sailor Iron Man
Eldanildiel as Sailor Captain America
Elfgrove as Sailor Thor

Photos by Megpie (with Jayuna’s cell phone because we’re classy) with some editing by me.

Based off the designs by Ann Marcellino.


Best time, so much fun~

#sailor iron man #my cosplay #sailor avengers #lol as soon as I post that other post about being dead HEY LOOK STUFF #thanks for posting olivia &lt;3
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Check out these X-Men sub groups from the Marvel Universe Gathering at Dragon Con!

Photos by Nicole Ciaramella.

I’m the Jubilee in the top photo on the left side in the middle (highest)

I got super high waisted 90s shorts for it this time it’s so great XD

#my cosplay #jubilee