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Happy 4/13 everyone!! :D

Have some previously unposted pictures of my GT Rose… I kinda miss cosplaying this fabulous lady ;)

Hope you all have fabulous days! <3 I doubt n update is coming, but Hussie said on twitter something might be coming so lets keep our fingers crossed!!

Photographer | Cosplayer

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Oh hey look apparently there were more fancytier Rose photos I had that I forgot to post~ :) so here goes, why not!

Photos by Jack Liu at Youmacon 2012~

Rose | Kanaya | Designs by Synnesai

Costume has also since been updated! :) You can find pictures of that here

Thanks for looking <3

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We finally got our last photos back from Jack Liu that he took at Youmacon of Elemental and my fancytiers~ \o/

I think that top photo is my favourite out of all photos we got back from all of our shoots~

And if you like that top photo too, you can vote for it here where I entered it into the Otaku House cosplay Idol competition~ <3

Costumes designed by Synnesai

Kanaya | Rose

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Last set of solo photos from my shoot with the fabulous Kevin at this year’s Con-G!! I updated the costume from Youma to Con-G by beading around the sun designs and making a new sash~ :)

Costume designed by Synnesai. Costume made by me

See here for more pictures~

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I re-wore this costume a few months back at Con-G after some changes, and now have the photos back from the fantastic Solar Tempest! :D

Not too mention we were joined by the ever fabulous Piratica as our Jade <333

Designs by Synnesai~

Rose | Kanaya | Jade

So I guess for this con I made a new sash out of a different gold fabric (I felt before that one gold overpowered when I used it as the sash), and I beaded around all the applique bits of the sun! There’s about 20+ hours of beading that went into this costume now~ :)

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Please don’t take these as fighting words, but my aspect  is simply the best there is~

Photos by SolarTempest

Costume by me~ Designed by the fabulous Synnesai

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I made my Street-tier Rose based on blackoutballad's design for this year's Con-G as a chill costume~ It was awesome to wear around in the end and a lot of fun! Proof of completion for now before I get better photos later~

Thanks so much to Elemental for the photos <3

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Preview shots of our photoshoot with the fabulous Jack Liu came out this morning~~ :D 

Kanaya | Rose | Designs by Synnesai

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Green Sun, Red Rose

Jayuna as Rose Lalonde from Homestuck

this continues to be my favourite photoset of my gt Rose costume ever <3</p>

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So it’s shitty right now, but it’s still a wip~

Progress on my street tier Rose, designed by the brilliant blackoutballad! I loved the design and after realizing that I owned most of it already, I ordered the shoes to work on completing the outfit~! They just got in today and they’re perfect~

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