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The local micheals was having a sale on foam board from $5 to $1.50 each~ 

So I totally bought them out and now own 11 foam boards aw yeaa

3DMG here I come~

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      April 29, 2013 @ 19:26      

Oh wow there’s been 8 of you follow me in the past day! 

Thank you all so much I’m very happy to have you join me here! :D

Though it’s crazy you’ve all showed up at once was I featured somewhere or something I’m very curious!

But thank you all nonetheless <3 this is my blog for m cosplay, cosplay progress, inspirations, cosplay ramblings, etc :) so it can be slightly spent sometimes when real life tightens its hold, but with con season and Anime North especially coming up it should be a bit busy :D

Feel free to send an ask of you ever just want to chat or have any questions at all~ See you around!

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Holy crap almost 90 followers! 

In just a few months too~ Thanks so much everyone for joining me here I really appreciate it and I’m so excited to show you guys the stuff I’m working on now! :D

My ask is always open if you ever have any questions or anything, and I’m much more active on my personal blog here if you ever want to check out other things that are going on with me :)

But thanks so much to all of you here! You’re all the best!

Here’s a cookie, you all deserve it <3

Love you all! See you soon~

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      March 02, 2013 @ 17:01      

wow just realized that the ask function was turned off on this blog. I had no idea D:

ahhhhhh I feel a bit like an idiot for not noticing that til now

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